Sign and deliver

AppraisalPort is just one of the many delivery plugins.  You may use TOTAL Connect pro or some other plugin, but most follow a very similar delivery process.

Signing a report using your graphical signature

Saving a report in .ENV (AI Ready) format

Step-by-step Instructions

Title Description
CLVS pre-delivery check (CVLS orders only) TOTAL Connect Pro's pre-delivery check allows you to complete your client's review process prior to signing and delivering the report. This streamlines your delivery process and allows you to make adjustments and provide commmentary in the report during your final review.   Read the doc
Signing your report Learn how to upload your digital signature so you can sign your report. Note: Once you sign your digital signature, your report will be "locked" so you can no longer make changes.   Read the doc
Saving your report in .ENV (AI Ready) format Many clients have adopted the AI Ready delivery system for reports.  Learn how to do this with these instructions.  (NOTE: A TOTAL Connect Pro contract is required)   Read the doc
Report delivery TOTAL offers a range of delivery options to send a report to your client. To deliver your report, read these easy steps.   Read the doc