Managing your comps

SmartAdjust and Detailed View


Step-by-step Instructions

Title Description
Side-by-side comps overview If you're not familiar with our side-by-side comps, check out this document, which includes a hotkey list, and additional docs to help you get acquainted the time-saving features of our Comps PowerView.   Read the doc
Using Smartadjust to adjust comp fields Ever wish you could make a numeric (or non-numeric) adjustment to one of your comps and have it automatically apply to the rest? SmartAdjust does that for you. Save time in your comps grid by taking advantage of this superior adjuster.   Read the doc


Title Description
Re-using comps from old reports (SmartAddress) SmartAddress is our feature that searches for additional versions of your subject and comp addresses in your Comps Database to help you spot discrepancies and copy data into your report from previous forms. Read this helpful FAQ to learn the ins and outs of SmartAddress.   Read the FAQ