Welcome to TOTAL

First things first — get yourself familiar with TOTAL!  Watch our recorded on-demand webinar, detailing what you need to know to get a report started and out the door.  Use the bookmarks below to jump to a specific section in the video.  Use the left-hand menu for more video tutorials and resources.  We're here to help every step of the way.

Video bookmarks
The Appraisal Desktop Organize files and use our accounting tools to manage your reports.
Set up your signature Set up your license and signature quickly using links on the Appraisal Desktop.  Click here for additional step-by-step instructions.
SmartStart: Start a report Start a new report, or create a template.
Using SmartMerge Use SmartMerge to copy information from an old report into a new one.
Assignment PowerView Fill out contacts and order information.
Forms PowerView Navigate your report, use QuickList items for easy data entry, and add forms and maps.
Side-by-Side PowerView Sort comparables, import MLS data, make comp adjustments, and use SmartAddress to compare previously used properties.  For more information on using our MLS data import tool, click here.
Photos PowerView Use the QuickPix importer to import images to your QuickPix database, or use Images on Disk to locate photos on your computer.  Then, quickly add them to your report.
Sketch PowerView Start a new sketch or review an existing sketch in your report.  For an overview video on how to use the Sketch PowerView, click here.
Addenda & Worksheets Use Addenda for additional report analysis and add integrate Worksheets into your report data.  For a playlist of videos outlining how to use worksheets, click here.
E&O PowerView Ensure your report meets all UAD standards before delivery with a quick rule review.
Using the Workfile Add supplemental files to your electronic Workfile for quick organization.
Notes PowerView Review notes from the field or add internal notes to your report for office use.
Sign & deliver reports Sign your report with SureDocs or graphically, then use the delivery menu to send your report.