Adding forms and maps

Getting around in TOTAL

Creating and using QuickLists

Step-by-step Instructions

Title Description
Add forms to reports Adding forms to your report is simple in TOTAL. Just use the "contents view" to navigate to the forms you want, drop them into your report, organize, and you're finished. Read the process step by step with this document.   Read the doc
Report contents pane The Report Contents Pane allows you to see exactly which forms are in your report at all times, add new forms on the fly, and easily navigate to specific sections in your report.   Read the doc
Add a map Adding a map is quick and easy in TOTAL. Take a look at these quick steps to add a map in no time.   Read the doc
Retrieving flood maps with InterFlood InterFlood is the fastest way to add a flood map into your report. InterFlood will even populate your subject property balloons right into the map for you.   Read the doc